From destroying paper to planting a new forest in Bulgaria

With regular destruction of documents

Protect your business

With regular destruction of information with the National Archives Corp, you will comply with the retention periods defined in the current regulations.

No unnecessary expenses

Manage and store only those information assets that are relevant, necessary and useful for the company.

Care for the environment

By choosing to destroy your documents with National Archives Corp, you are contributing to environmental protection and the planting of a new forest in Bulgaria!

Starting in 2022, the National Archives adds another step to its green actions! We are launching an annual initiative with which we make a commitment - for every tonne of paper destroyed, we will plant trees. You, our customers, are our biggest helpers in this

Our mission is to make Bulgaria greener and to restore balance to nature. Destroy with us and join the initiative!

Защо горите имат значение?

Why do forests matter?

Forests reduce greenhouse gases by nearly 9% (according to 2018 data) of total emissions, which for the same period were calculated at over 3 million tonnes.

Trees provide us with the oxygen we breathe.*

Защо горите имат значение?

Why do forests matter?

Every year, a tree can purify about 27 kg of substances polluting the air.*

Защо горите имат значение?

Why do forests matter?

Without rainforests, life on Earth would become unstable. They are home to ⅔ of the planet's living species.*