Archiving Any Type of Document

Do you know what documents you have and where they are?

We ensure the protection of your documents and provide easy management of your most valuable assets, today and for the future. Together we will identify your actual needs and define the risks. This way we can advise you and guide you towards the right solution.

Did you know?
We can help you with all of this:
• Information takes up considerable space. You're actually paying a high price per square meter and you're turning your work rooms into storage locations.
• Premises and repositories are adapted for storing documents
• Work areas are overloaded
• Your information searching tools are not suited for the purpose. This inevitably leads to a loss of precious time for the staff and therefore an overall slowdown in the company's business processes
• Lack of personnel and appropriate technology
• Significant financial resources have to be allocated to activities which have little to do with the organisation's core business
• Your insurance does not cover the risk in the event of a disaster

Our approach is tailored to your needs:
• We perform a professional analysis which includes assessing the present state of your documents and assets, anticipating future growth and defining what will correspond to your needs
• We then offer you a way to manage and safely back up your documents
• We carefully sort, organise and archive your documents
• We conserve and store your archives in secure, specialised locations
• We scan your documents and index them in our own system in accordance with specific parameters.
• We provide convenient access to them. All your documents can quickly be retrieved when they are needed for reference.
• Physical archives whose legal storage period has expired are destroyed.
• We can optimise your resources!

A few facts:
• Over 150 companies and individuals use our services
• We store hundreds of thousands of folders, tapes, CD / DVDs and other media
• We have scanned millions of paper documents in formats A7 to A0, inclusively.
• We have indexed millions of files
• Our web-based system is used by thousands of users
• Our secure archives and storage are compliant with international standards
• We offer the option of individual archive repositories
• Our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices for easy tracking and high security

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Analysis and advice

The archiving and storage of documents is vital to conserving the information of any organisation.

Both private companies and government structures are becoming increasingly interested in modern archiving technologies and processes. The National Archives is specialised in providing outsourcing services for centralised external storage of archives and digitisation of documents. With the help of our specialists, we will jointly analyse and assess the state of your documents and archives and offer an appropriate action plan.

Analysis and advice


We work in three stages:

We visit the different repositories and units where your documents are stored, in order to understand your current document management practices. We look at a range of important parameters such as the typology and quality of the documents, the legislation in your sector, your needs for consultation, increased volumes of documents, etc.

Analysis and planning:
We prepare a summary report which takes into account sector-specific features and documents, their volume, and the strengths and weaknesses of the current way of storage and organisation.

We complete the process with an action plan fully tailored to your needs. After approval we proceed to archiving operations.

Contact us and find out more about how we can help you manage your documents and archives.
This is an inventory of your physical documents in our system. The e-catalog is designed specifically for your company. The fields are tailored to the specifics of your organization, the typology and the categorization of the documents. Our web-based software is boutique, it offers access to the complete inventory of existing folders and documents and you can always refer to it. Our qualified staff ensures the protection, good condition and traceability of your documents and archives, and helps you manage them appropriately.
The e-catalog saves time and helps you:

Optimize the process of finding specific information;

Achieve confidence and feel at ease - you know the location of your archive at any moment;

The information remains at your fingertips throughout the retention period of the documents;

Achieve a high level of protection and security - access to the archive is available only to authorised personnel via personal login credentials;

This ensures traceability - you receive an annual report on the movement of your archives;

You are in compliance with the various retention periods for each specific type of document.

In addition, after the legal storage period has expired in accordance with GDPR requirements, we can also help you destroy your archive. But only with your written consent.


Physical and electronic

Should you need to view your archived documents, this can be done quickly and easily. Depending on the services you select, we can offer three ways in which this can be done.

All you have to do is send us a request. Our team will quickly find the documents and will deliver them to an authorised person. Once you have carried out the necessary work on the documents, we then return them to the archive. All the time we maintain a register of the documents delivered (RDR) in order to trace their movement.

After receiving your query for specific documents, we locate and scan, then deliver them to the authorised person in the following ways: via email, CD, Flash drive, or any other convenient to you way.

Digital document transformation allows you to find specific scanned information in our web-based system in seconds. Of course, access is available only to authorised persons with their own username and password.

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