Timely Destruction Tailored to Your Needs

Our certified services ensure compliance with Bulgarian and European regulations (GDPR) and avoidance of sanctions

As the volume of information continues to grow, the likelihood of loss or violation also increases. If you simply discard documents or use the shredder in the office, your customers' data may fall into the wrong hands and put your business at risk. The timely destruction of assets containing personal or confidential information has become mandatory for every business.

Our service is reliable and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. The destruction process complies with requirements set by GDPR in relation to the protection of personal data of individuals.
We destroy paper, binders, credit cards, bank and ID cards, media, hard drives, CD/DVDs or other IT assets.

By keeping your archive clean of expired information, your organisation will:
• Alleviate expenses due to managing information assets that are no longer useful or needed;
• Destroy information in a secure and environmentally-friendly way;
• Rely on our professional advice and establish a destruction schedule;
• Reduce risks and protect its reputation;
• Comply with legal requirements

Today we work with more than 150 companies who have entrusted us not only with the secure storage of our documents but also rely on our expertise and advice on document retention. Our process is certified by LRQA - Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance under an integrated system of ISO 9001: 27001 (Quality Management and Information Security).

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Containers for safe disposal of documents

With the sensitive nature of today's documents in mind, we offer locking containers with varying volumes which we deliver to and from your office. We establish a pick-up schedule and exchange the full container with an empty one, thus ensuring the most stringent security measures while handling the data.

We work with reputable manufacturers and carefully choose the materials and equipment. Our containers come in different volumes for the individual offices of management, bigger workspace areas or larger facilities.

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