DocsOnline - the digital archive management software

Find the one document you need amongst millions, whenever you need it

Using National Archives' in-house software - DocsOnline - you're able to quickly and easily pinpoint the document you're looking via a secure connection. Anytime, anywhere.

What's a digital archive?

By transforming your physical archive into a digital one, you can access view all the documents you've chosen to scan. We ask for your confirmation on the way they are indexed and organized in our software. By doing so, you're able to find your way and pinpoint a specific document by using no more than one or two search filters. Afterwards, you can review, print, download or forward the document.

DocsOnline offers your information a higher level of protection

Our software offers various search functionalities which allow you to plan, estimate and manage your archive more efficiently. Here's what it offers:

  • web-based solution with no installation required;
  • scalable infrastructure;
  • external access control via individual login credentials;
  • granular internal access control via and segregation by document type, department, or any other way, really;
  • intuitive and usable user interface;
  • fast and flexible searching;
  • supports any document file formats - .pdf, .docx, .jpeg, .tiff, etc.

Why you should choose digital document management for your archive?

You optimise your time and resources. There's no more need for investment in expensive software licenses, specialised equipment, computers, personnel or office space.

You will:

  • achieve legal compliance with regards to direct access to information;
  • offer your personnel centralised yet independent access to your information - different people can access the same or different information in real time without depending on each other;
  • follow archive growth trends;
  • keep up-to-date with document retention legal requirements;
  • know what was destroyed and when it was destroyed;
  • be able to perform various queries and forecasts;
  • focus on your main activities;
  • be able to contact us directly for any technical questions or support requests.

Find the solution for you