Scanning and Indexing

You will gain faster access to a specific document you are looking for, and achieve a higher level of security for your information

In recent years, the volume of paper documents that organisations have to process has increased tenfold. This results in higher paper handling costs, which reduces the profit margin. Document digitisation services and their systematisation in the user-friendly software we offer are a guarantee for better organisation, competitiveness and quick access to the necessary information. The digital transformation of the paper document will help you:

• Protect your business - the electronic version carries the same information as a paper carrier, but protects it from accidents (fading, humidity, mould, flood, fire and other risks).
• Save time and money on expensive equipment and software
• Avoid hiring additional staff and training costs
• Increase your team's productivity by reducing the time spent searching for documents and focus on your core business
• You comply with GDPR privacy requirements by minimizing the risks associated with the processing of paper documents

National Archives applies proven solutions for digitising, scanning, indexing and storing your documents in a reliable and effective way. The result is a flexible, convenient and modern archive that allows for easy document management and addresses the problems arising from the ever-changing business requirements. To find out more about our digitisation services send an inquiry.

Scanning and indexing

Scanning and indexing make it easy to manage the rapidly growing volume of paper archives. It helps you save time and resources while achieving a higher level of security for your information.
We scan any type and size of documents (from A7 or smaller format up to A0). We process tens of thousands of pages per day.


• Document preparation (removal of paper clips/staples, unfolding, and damaged page recovery)
• Quality enhancement of the digitised images: lightening/darkening, rotation, cropping and cutting, background removal, and more.
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Storage in the most common formats on the market: PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPG, XLS, etc.
• The processed images can be recorded on electronic media of your choice

Scanning can be full scale or tailor-made for rare and delicate documents. It can be either in colour, greyscale or monochrome depending on the type and quality of the originals. Image resolutions of up to 600 DPI are supported in bulk scanning.


• Making the documents easier to find by naming them according to your predefined parameters - number, date, contractor.

Additional Services*:

• Bar-coding
• FTP connection for easier and secure information exchange
• Data transfer
• System integration
• File compression
*Not limited to this

Some of the documents we have digitised: policies, invoices, contracts, bound books, drawings, notary deeds, medical records, staff files, various administrative documents, and others.

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Data Input

Over the years we have worked with a huge range of documents in various projects. We offer data validation at high processing speed and thorough quality control throughout the entire process.

The documents we process data (letters, numbers and symbols) from include:
• Invoices
• Bills of lading
• Credit files
• Contracts
• Client membership cards
• Health cards
• Medical files
• Various administrative documents

We also offer additional services such as:
• Direct data entry into client's database
• Generation of text databases accessible either on-site or via the Internet
• Secure information exchange

Depending on your project, data entry can either be part of scanning and indexing, or a
separate service.

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