Finance sector

Проблеми във финансовия сектор

Problems encountered

A large branch network across the country with a different archiving structure in each office
Difficulties in following the legal requirements in relation to the terms of storage of documents and information
Limited office space availability and overloading of work areas
Working with archival documents is inseparable from the customer service process, but it is obstructed
High investment in proprietary solutions


Need for high confidentiality in protecting valuable documents and information with a lot of personal data
Need for excellent storage conditions
Need for a reliable partner with experience
Need for multiple reference capability, fast delivery of originals and digitisation
Нужди във финансовия сектор

Our solutions

Archive storage and protection

We store documents in a legal archive facility according to all requirements of the profession.

High confidentiality

With National Archives Corp, you are in good hands - we comply with GDPR and are registered as a personal data controller.

Digitisation to increase efficiency

Secure online access to documents at any time. It only takes a few minutes to make your most regular inquiries.

Knowledge and analysis of data

You tell us what parameters you are looking for, we enter them. The entered data allows flexible search and is the source material for analyses.

Reduced cost of maintaining an archive

No need to allocate funds for additional staff or activities that are outside your business scope.

What you achieve

Finding a document takes seconds
Search time optimization
Access to the archive through the National Archives Corp software

What our customers say

PROFI CREDIT Bulgaria EOOD is one of the most dynamic companies in the sector of consumer lending to individuals in the Republic of Bulgaria. The specific, responsible and professional work that the National Archives Corp carried out with our archival documentation in terms of its description, organisation, transportation, archiving, storage and delivery of documents on request has led to the complete optimisation of the entire document management organisation in our company from an operational, administrative and logistical point of view."
"Our requirements, first of all, are for privacy, which is a main goal and priority for us. The storage of credit files, their digitisation, quick access to them at any time, as well as the high degree of protection of personal data are part of our principles as a responsible creditor. Our working practices have been optimised thanks to the innovative methods of document management and storage that you offer."
"D Commerce Bank AD prioritises customer service, comfort and confidentiality. The National Archives helped us find the documents we needed quickly, which is of utmost importance to our institution and customer satisfaction in inquiries."
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