Чести проблеми в сектор здравеопазване

Problems encountered

Cluttering the premises of healthcare facilities with documents
Use of inappropriate storage facilities
Daily use while lacking a suitable structure for document archiving
Lack of human and financial resources
Diverting the medical staff from their main activities to perform some administrative tasks


Need for secure storage of patient data, according to legal requirements and GDPR
Need to increase the degree of digitisation for better patient service

Our solutions

Support in events such as audits and cross-checks

Simply send us a request for the necessary documents - by period or other criteria -and we will find them. We deliver documents on site within hours.

Perfect organization for the archive

We have experience with hospitals, medical centres, private offices and more. We create an organisationalstructure tailored to the typology of documents.

High degree of protection of sensitive information

With National Archives Corp, you are in good hands - we comply with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and are registered as a personal data controller.

Appropriate storage conditions for documents

We take your privacy and integrity concerns away and free your premises of documents.

Resoruces saved

With us, you rely on unlimited storage capacity, save medical staff time and save resources for investments in other premises, equipment and software.

What you achieve

Sensitive medical information is protected and stored off-premises and store sensitive medical information off-premises
Compliance with the legal requirements for storage and access to the information
Digitisation of administrative processes

What our customers say

"Initially, we had a need for confidential destruction of financial documents with expired retention periods. We now also use rented document shredders. The result is that there is no accumulation of a large amount of documents and we are not worried about data leakage. Everything is done professionally and we always use the destruction service when needed."
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