Insurance sector

Чести проблеми в застраховатени сектор

Problems encountered

A large branch network across the country with a different archiving structure in each office
Overloading of work areas with paper documents
Difficulties in following the legal requirements in relation to the terms of storage of documents and information
Overloading of servers with a large volume of electronic documents
Complicated access to archived documents due to the large document flow and lack of organisation time
Working with archive documents is difficult, but it is an inseparable part of the main activities.


Need to respond quickly to multiple clients on a daily basis
Need for remote access to documents
Need for quick responses to inquiries and fast delivery of originals
Need for digital access to documents by multiple teams in the organisation
Need for high protection for documents and information in different media
Решения за архивиране за застрахователни компании

Our solutions

Storage and protection

We store documents in a legal archive facility and take care of the protection of your customers' data.

A solution to growing amounts of documents

With a flexible and efficient structure keeping your document archive organised, both now and at any time in the future.

A complete end-to-end backup process

You share your requirements with us and we prepare different solutions according to the needs of different departments in an insurance structure - they can include all or some of our services.

Effective work and easy traceability of the entire document flow

You have the possibility of remote digital access to the documents and simultaneous work of several departments with the same types of documents.

Automation of processes and digitisation of the enterprise

We facilitate communication between separate document and archive systems. We have an unlimited possibility of integrations to release the accumulated information.

What you achieve

Visibility and access to documents
Optimised document retrieval
Man-hours saved on a weekly basis
Less archive costs
Case Study

The Archiving services in the insurance sector. Long-lasting trust-based partnership and new horizons

The company has an enviable amount of documents, the result of the activity in these offices, located all over Bulgaria.

What our customers say

National Archives Corp is distinguished by professionalism and high quality of the offered services in the field of archiving. We contacted them for the processing and digitisation of our documents, development and maintenance of electronic archives. It is of critical importance to us that the documents are processed quickly and qualitatively and uploaded to an electronic archive as soon as possible. The new way of working significantly optimised the processes related to the processing of these documents on the one hand, and on the other - contributed to increasing the quality of the services we offer to end customers."
"Choosing "National Archives Corp for the outsourcing of our documentation has helped us to easily find the archival documents we need very quickly, using modern technologies and a single electronic system containing an inventory of all our documents. The established commercial relationship between the two companies rests on mutual trust, understanding and cooperation."
"The introduction of a new archiving organisation system helps our employees to concentrate as much as possible on our core activities and has reduced the costs for this purpose from our budget, not to mention the optimisation of our work process."
"The specific, responsible and professional work of the National Archives Corp did not go unnoticed by our subsidiary, the insurance company "Bulstrad Life VIG", which also trusted the company with the storage of its documents."

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