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Често срещани проблеми в сферата на услугите

Problems encountered

Limited capacity office spaces that are not intended for storage of documents
The archiving process is not core to the company, but it is mandatory


Need for storage and protection of documents in accordance with legal requirements for storage and access to information
High costs associated with maintaining information security
Destruction of documents and other information carriers

Our solutions

Increased information security

We store your archive in the archive facilities of the National Archives Corp.

Reference documents at any time

With the National Archives Corp software, you have 24/7 access to a specific document or information. If necessary, we deliver documents on site within hours.

Cost-effective solution

You save money on renting additional premises and avoid risks related to information leakage.

Information backups

If you choose to keep a backup copy of your data, you reduce the corporate risk of information loss.

Destruction services

We assist you with the mandatory process of timely destruction of archives and other media.

What you achieve

Saving resources
Compliance with the legal requirements for storage and access to the information
Predictable costs
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