Manufacturing and distribution

Често срещани проблеми в производствения сектор

Problems encountered

The presence of a large amount of documents that accompany the processes of production, sales and distribution
Multiple sites in the country and different methods of archiving
Regular audits and cross-checks


Need for digitisation of processes related to the most important operational and financial accounting documents
Need for easy traceability of up-to-date information
Need for quick responses to inquiries
Need to free up space for goods

Our solutions

Freeing up space and choosing secure protection

Storing the documents in our legal archive facility.

Visibility and traceability of data throughout the chain

With the new organisation completely tailored to your needs.


You digitise a process that is not core to the company, but which is fundamental to other operational processes.

Full online archive access control

Various possibilities for distribution of user rights - e.g. by department, position, etc.

Complete automation of processes for daily export and processing of operational documents

An easy way to exchange information to key units in Bulgaria and abroad through a secure data transfer channel.

What you achieve

Faster audits
10x document search time optimisation
20% resources saved
Case Study

A modern way for document archiving, data transfer and information management

Kamenitza AD is one of the biggest brewing companies in Bulgaria, operating a large brewery in Haskovo and a craft-beer microbrewery in Plovdiv, the city in which the company was founded in 1881.

What our customers say

"We were looking for a high degree of protection and perfect organisation for our archive. With the help of the National Archives Corp., we can find anything in a few clicks and have raised the level of information security."
"We are extremely grateful to the National Archives Corp. for the wonderful partnership in this challenging project of ours, for their massive contribution to a new and modern way of managing and storing our documents."
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