Често срещани проблеми в медийния сектор

Problems encountered

Limited capacity office spaces that are not intended for storage of documents
Outdated practices in administrative processes


Need for storage and protection of documents in accordance with legal requirements for storage and access to information
Need for digitisation of regulatory and operational documents for quick access and tracking of changes
Destruction of documents and other information carriers

Our solutions

Organisation, protection and storage of the archive

We store documents in a legal archive facility according to all requirements.

Reference at any time

With the National Archives Corp software, you have 24/7 access to any specific document or information. If necessary, we deliver documents on site within hours.

Destruction services

For the archive and other media whose legal retention period has expired and which are no longer needed by your organisation.

Information backups

You reduce your corporate risk of information loss by choosing to have us keep a backup of your information.

What you achieve

Secure protection outside of your own premises
Independent access to archive
Improved organisation
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