Public administration

Често срещани проблеми в държавната администрация

Problems encountered

Accumulation of a large volume of paper documents, the retention periods of which are often eternal
Intensive work with the paper archive, which leads to wear of the paper originals and violation of their integrity
Work with a high level of confidentiality


Need for digitisation of documents, regardless of their type and size
Need to protect documents from further wear and tear
Need for query time optimization

Our solutions

Organisation and protection of documents

You get complete document care - from structuring and organisation to secure storage and archiving.

Increased information security for data

The processes of the National Archives Corp are certified by Lloyd's by the integrated international ISO standard 9001:27001. We are a registered data controller and comply with the EU General Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Digital archive work

The way we work to create the digital archive is fully tailored to the specifics of the documentation.

Optimisation of administrative processes

Instant access to thousands of documents and increased customer satisfaction

What you achieve

Fast queries
Increasing the satisfaction of citizens and contractors
Digitised administrative work

What our customers say

"National Archives Corp processed thousands of documents professionally, in high quality and on time. The online register created with a high degree of protection and strict levels of access is already being used by municipal employees".
"Water supply and sewerage" Ltd.-Sofia: we had a large volume of information on paper. All the available data the company had was on paper in poor condition and difficult to work with. The services offered by the National Archives matched our vision for working together. After the digitisation, finding and sending what you need happens in minutes."
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