Често срещани проблеми в ритейл сектора

Problems encountered

A rapidly growing archive and an inability to maintain a suitable organisational structure
The archive occupies the space intended for the goods
Multiple sites in the country that use different methods of archiving


Need for digitisation of processes related to the most important operational documents
Need for taking of large amounts of data
Need for data analysis for better strategies and decisions

Our solutions

Organisation, protection and storage of the archive

We store documents in a legal archive facility according to all requirements.

A solution to growing amounts of documents

With the comprehensive archiving system we have built, we will keep your archive of documents in order - from the moment you start work, into the distant future.

Automation of data export and exchange processes

Daily export and processing of operational documents are fully automated to easily exchange information with key units in Bulgaria and abroad.

Data visibility

We digitise key documents and extract the most important data. You can make quick inquiries and measure the effectiveness of your strategic and marketing activities.

Regular destruction of documents

To keep the archive up-to-date and not waste resources storing what is no longer needed, complying with regulatory requirements.

What you achieve

You use the warehouse space for your most valuable resource - the goods
You optimise search time over 10-fold
Quick access to the information you need to make the right decisions
Case Study

T MARKET frees up over 365 square meters of warehouse space and solves the storage limitations of its goods

T Market needed a solution for complete archiving, organization and sorting of a large amount of documents. The start is in an active holiday period.

What our customers say

"We are grateful to the National Archives Corp for providing us with security for the storage of a large part of the company's archival documents. With the space we freed up, we were given the opportunity to reorganise our corporate archive and build an efficient structure. At the same time, we now have the peace of mind that we can access the documentation available at the National Archives Corp whenever needed."
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