Transport and logistics

Често срещани проблеми в логистиката

Problems encountered

A rapidly growing archive and an inability to maintain an organisational structure
Need for storing the information on more than one medium


Need for security and protection of documents
Need for operational flexibility

Our solutions

Exceptional level of protection

We store your archive and important cargo information in our certified archive facilities that meet all legal requirements.

Smooth and controlled transition to digitisation of document processes

In this dynamic environment, we help you transition to a more digital method of working with documents without disruption to your business.

Scanning documents for digital access

We make it possible for you to access the documents digitally at any time. We can allocate access according to your requirements, e.g. by department or user.

A long-term solution with high returns

You save many resources, including for additional personnel, expensive hardware and software.

What you achieve

20% cost optimisation
Increased efficiency of operational processes
Protection for valuable and important information
Case Study

20% cost optimizations for Quehenberger Logistics BLG Ltd. with the National Archives digitization solutions

A cost-effective solution to improve the physical organization and storage of the archive and to quickly prepare for the monthly inspections to which they are subject.

What our customers say

"In order to be fully focused on our business and to meet the growing need for digitisation, we sought out the National Archives Corp. Through the combination of digitisation and archiving services, we have saved about 20% of costs on an annual basis, which we can now invest in something else."
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Let's find the right solution together

Together we establish your actual needs in order to advise and guide you to the right solution.