We make information management easy and confidential

At the National Archives Corp, we build personal outsourcing solutions for storage and management of paper archives and digital information.

Through our services, our clients manage to maintain leadership positions, optimise the processes related to document management where they need it most, increase their level of information security and save nearly 50% of their costs for archival activities.

Integrated process

1 We sort, archive and organize

We help you store your archive properly and free up office space.

2 We take on the transport and logistics of the entire archive

From anywhere in the country.

3 We digitise all types of documents

So that you can work comfortably with digital documents and facilitate communication with each other.

4 We enter the data you select

Accurately and quickly so you can easily find the information you need when you need it.

5 Secure storage

In our legal archive facility.

6 Document delivery

From 1 to 24 hours.

7 Secure and confidential destruction

We follow legal deadlines and carry out the process confidentially.

8 We help you

Access your documents quickly, easily and securely without worrying about their protection.

Digital transformation

Electronic archive

For your optimal digital archive work.


Intelligent database storage and management

You offload your servers and streamline your software systems.


Scanning and indexing of documents

You use an electronic version of the document for higher productivity.


Destruction of hard drives

Destruction of digital data is mandatory for risk management processes.


Data entry

We enter the data most necessary for your analyses.


Physical storage

Archiving and Storage of Documents

You store the documents and information in our legal archive facility.


Destruction of documents

To maintain compliance with legal information retention periods.


Let's find the right solution together

Together we establish your actual needs in order to advise and guide you to the right solution.

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