Professional Data Entry

Transform your pile of data into valuable input for your information analysis

You most likely generate lots of data in your everyday work. By having them input in our easy to use software, you will be able to quickly perform various forecasts, analysis and queries.

National Archives has proven experience in data entry. We do it fast, accurately and we maintain high quality of the output data. We can process and enter your data from various file and document formats - it all depends on how you have it.

What is data entry?

The process is described simply - it's the transfer of information from one medium to another that the client needs. We can process data from digitally generated documents, scanned copies, or the physical documents.

What types of data we enter and which documents we read it from

We input letters, digits and symbols from all sorts of various documents, such as:

  • Invoices;
  • shipping labels;
  • customs declarations;
  • insurance policies;
  • credit profiles(?);
  • contracts;
  • client cards;
  • health cards(?);
  • clinical and medical dossiers;
  • surveys;
  • administrative paperwork;
  • in-house or other templates.

You receive your data in your chosen format

Your data will be organised and given to you in your preferred format. Some example formats are:

  • csv;
  • spreadsheet (Microsoft XML, OpenOffice formats);
  • XML;
  • plain text.

Additionally, we can:

  • enter the data in your software;
  • enter the data in our own DocsOnlineWeb software;
  • work on your premises so that your sensitive information doesn't leave the area;
  • transfer the results via an encrypted channel

Speed, accuracy and quality control throughout the whole data entry process

We at National Archives use intelligent systems which perform full or partial quality control of the output data and analysis of the results. This is an integral part of the whole process and includes:

  • checking and validation of the input and output data;
  • invalid data identification;
  • analysis of data lengths and breakdown per category or type.

Do you actually need a data entry operator?

Data entry services are generally an option for maximising your business operations' efficiency. By partnering with a third party for these activities, you will alleviate from your personnel the burden of engaging in side activities, unrelated to their line of work. Thanks to years of experience, we at National Archives already have a team of specialists.

Here are a few of our operators' qualities:

  • high WPM (words per minute) count and key accuracy;
  • understanding of our client's demands;
  • a keen eye for detail;
  • individual and team organization;
  • able to keep full focus on the current task;
  • excellently skilled in our software to its full extent;
  • able to assume responsibility for the output data;
  • experienced in many different management systems and spreadsheet format

The end result for you is having all the data in the preferred format at your fingertips, thus enabling you to keep focussed on your main activities.

Find the solution for you