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Storage of documents, archives and information

Protect your assets and guarantee yourself peace and security

When you manage your business, you are also managing an ever-increasing amount of information in a variety of forms. National Archives Corp. ensures the highest safety and security standards. We have the facilities and capabilities to store information in all its forms: paper documents, files, live records, scanned documents, electronic data, and other assets. All of this is securely protected in our dedicated storage areas and can be restored quickly if needed.

Entrust your information to professionals:
• Our legally compliant archive facilities will guarantee your peace of mind. They comply with all standards since we have the following security systems: 24/7 video surveillance, 24/7 live security, fire protection, humidity and temperature control, access control, internal control, various levels of access to the archive, insurance policies.
• Additional safety and security companies
• We ensure business continuity through the use of professional Data Centres in Bulgaria.
• In the event of force majeure, pursuant to the requirements of the profession, our archive is close to the city.

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We provide transport of your archive from its location to our storage centre. We use our own vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices, ensuring the monitoring and security of your documents.

● We arrange and carry out an inventory of your archive, according to document typology
● We place it in our special boxes
● The procedure ends with the signing of an handover protocol containing an inventory of the documents archived.

Our boxes are manufactured by an ISO-certified manufacturer who produces and supplies them in accordance with our technical requirements for size, quality and strength. We have created an internal traceability system, thanks to which we can link physical boxes with our archiving software and instantly pinpoint the location of your archive in our repository.


Storage Boxes

Our boxes are manufactured by an ISO-certified manufacturer who creates and supplies them in accordance with our technical requirements for size, quality and strength. We have large boxes and small archive boxes that help organise your information.

For the purposes of the better organisation of your information, we have also created our own small archive boxes. In certain cases they help in the easier and more accessible structuring of your information.

Specialised storage facilities

When it comes to particularly sensitive information, some of you may prefer storage in separate rooms. For your reassurance, the National Archives offers specialized rooms where upon request, you can store clinical research, medical research, personal documents, cold back-ups of information, CDs, DVDs or anything at your discretion. The rooms are air-conditioned and ventilated, with temperature and humidity control and limited access. They comply with all the standards for the proper storage of documentation in the archive storage facilities. In addition, the following can be additionally provided:
• additional video recorders
• IP cameras
• Safes
• metal cupboards

Should your company have more specific requirements - please inquire. We will be happy to work together to find the right solution!

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