Destruction containers

Using rental containers is a long-term convenient solution for confidential document destruction. For different types of documents, we offer for rent special lockable containers with different capacities. The process of confidential destruction takes place by collecting the materials on a set schedule - when the container is full, you contact us, we specify a convenient day and time, we come, remove the container to destroy the contained collected material and replace it with a new one. Thus, we guarantee the strictest security measures when deleting information.

We work with proven manufacturers and use only materials and equipment that have passed approved security standards. Our containers are suitable for office spaces or for larger and/or storage areas.

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We provide you with the container for rent
We lock it for maximum protection
You collect and store your documents in it
When it's full, you contact us and we haul it away
In the meantime, we provide you with a new one

Large container

Volume: 240 l

Container for placing paper intended for destruction
Suitable for larger office premises and warehouses

Small container

Volume: 120 l

Container for placing paper for destruction
Suitable for office premises, near a printer

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