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National Archives is a private company with years of experience in documentation management and storage

We were founded in 2006 and ever since our mission has been to help businesses in the important and labour-intensive, yet peripheral activity of document archiving. We help you optimise your established practices of storing, structuring and accessing the documents. At the same time, we organise your documents so that you can reach them in a convenient way. Our key priority is to provide a high level of security.

The main benefit to you, our customers, is that we minimize your concerns about the protection of valuable and important documents and information along with speeding up the access. As a result, we help you focus on your main goals by reducing the time and resources you spend on activities which are not part of your core business.

In order to provide quality document management services to physical, legal and governmental entities and NPOs, we are certified in an integrated system of ISO 9001:27001 (Quality management and Information security). We're also a member of the biggest business network in the world, ARIBA, since 2013.


More than 150 local and international companies from different economic sectors have already trusted us. They have changed the way they work and cut archiving costs by nearly 50%.

Our Partners

Our Partners

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