Green Policy

National Archives Corp. approaches every aspect of its activity with care and responsibility. We've chosen actions to reduce our environmental footprint as well as build long-term good habits. Here are our green actions:

We save valuable raw materials and resources

One tonne of recycled plastic waste saves 2 tonnes of oil.

We save energy

The energy saved by recycling a plastic bottle provides 25 minutes of operation for one computer.

We protect nature

Recycling one tonne of paper saves 13 trees from being cut down.

We reduce waste

Separately collected waste is processed and new items can be created from it.

Separate waste collection. Why is it important?

In a year, each of us produces about 446 kg of waste. It is recycled more easily and more efficiently when properly collected.

Energy consumption

The increase in the Earth's temperature in combination with the accumulation of greenhouse gases is known as the greenhouse effect. To save energy and reduce heat:

We use energy-saving lights - they save about 75% more energy compared to standard ones.
The office and storage spaces are divided into areas - only the areas where there is traffic are lit up.
Sleep mode - when a computer will not be used for a certain time, it "sleeps".
Потребление на енергия
Отношение към документите на хартия

Approach towards paper documents

Trees lower the temperature in cities, provide us with oxygen and extract toxic chemicals from the soil. We make sure that fewer trees are cut down:

We use recycled paper from a maintained forest so as not to endanger the trees and the species that inhabit them.
We place unnecessary documents in document destruction containers.
We follow internal company policies for comprehensive documentation management in paper and electronic form.
We digitise! - we periodically optimise the part that can exist in a fully electronic form.
Зелена инициатива на Национални Архиви
The green initiative of the National Archives Corp.

For every tonne of paper destroyed, we will plant trees. Get involved in planting Bulgaria's new forest!