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Case Study

20% cost optimizations for Quehenberger Logistics BLG Ltd. with the National Archives digitization solutions

A cost-effective solution to improve the physical organization and storage of the archive and to quickly prepare for the monthly inspections to which they are subject.
Case Study

T MARKET frees up over 365 square meters of warehouse space and solves the storage limitations of its goods

T Market needed a solution for complete archiving, organization and sorting of a large amount of documents. The start is in an active holiday period.
Case Study

The Archiving services in the insurance sector. Long-lasting trust-based partnership and new horizons

The company has an enviable amount of documents, the result of the activity in these offices, located all over Bulgaria.
Case Study

A modern way for document archiving, data transfer and information management

Kamenitza AD is one of the biggest brewing companies in Bulgaria, operating a large brewery in Haskovo and a craft-beer microbrewery in Plovdiv, the city in which the company was founded in 1881.

What customers say about us

The new archiving organisation introduced helps our employees to concentrate as much as possible on our core activities and has reduced the costs for this purpose from our budget, not to mention the optimisation of our work process.
The specific, responsible and professional work of the National Archives Corp did not go unnoticed by our subsidiary, the insurance company "Bulstrad Life VIG", which also trusted the company for the storage of its documents.
National Archives Corp processed thousands of documents professionally, qualitatively and on time. The created online register with a high degree of protection and strict levels of access is already being used by municipal employees.
The specific, responsible and professional work that the National Archives Corp carried out with our archival documentation in terms of its description, organization, transportation, archiving, storage and delivery of documents on request led to the complete optimisation of the entire organisation in the company.
D Commerce Bank AD prioritises customer service, comfort and confidentiality. The National Archives helped us find the documents we needed quickly, which is of utmost importance to our institution and customer satisfaction in inquiries.
We are extremely grateful to the National Archives Corp. for the wonderful partnership in this challenging project of ours, for their massive contribution to a new and modern way of managing and storing our documents.

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