We transport and organise all the information you need archived
Scanning & indexing

Then we digitise all of the documents we took

And finally we undertake the destruction of your archive

The businesses which care about their archive

How we can help you

These are a few of the things we are experts in

Archive any type of document

We make managing information easy and confidential. You will have all your data stored and secured, regardless of its size and type, and it will be perfectly organized and quickly accessible.

Secure and protect your assets

We ensure highest safety and security standards. We have the facilities and capabilities to store information in all forms: paper or digital documents, live records, electronic data and other assets.

Become the business that easily finds the document they need

Scanning and digitising will reduce the time spent on searching for necessary information, increase the team's efficiency and reduce the risks associated with the constant processing of paper documents.

Timely destruction tailored to your needs

The National Archives destruction services are reliable, secure and confidential in order to meet the specific requirements of your business. We are compliant with both Bulgarian and European regulations in relation to document retention and the protection of personal data of individuals, respectively.

Prеserving trust.


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