Our history

With everything we do, we at National Archives Corp want to make sure we add value to our clients' businesses.



National Archives Corp. started its business in 2006 with a team of 3 people 150m2 of space and one large customer.


Certified archive facility

National Archives Corp. increased its customer base significantly and moved to a new facility with 1750 m2 of archive space. We develop the facility in accordance with all specific document storage requirements of our profession. This includes internal construction, maintenance of certain conditions in the premises and protective mechanisms for access to and in the building. In 2010, the building received the official status of an archive facility.


ISO certification

For performing services with documents of individuals and legal entities, governments and NGOs, we are certified by the integrated system of ISO standards 9001:27001 by Lloyd’s (Quality Management and Information Security). The standard covers storage, delivery and destruction of documents and other media, including scanning and hosting of information. National Archives is the administrator of personal data and we work in accordance with Bulgarian and European regulations and GDPR. Since 2013 we are members of the largest business network in the world - ARIBA.


Recognition from a global organization

We became a member of the global Ariba association.


Investments and new digital services

The facility is now the property of the National Archives Corp, and the archive premises have been doubled - 3500 m2. We are expanding our digitization services through new processes and technologies.


Expansion of the destruction services

Along with the destruction of documents, we are also introducing the option to destroy hard media. This involves a combination of mechanically destroying cards, DVDs, CDs, hard drives, and erasing and zeroing out the information on them.


Modern digitization centre in Sofia

We opened a specialized centre for digitization and data entry in Sofia. We added new disk backup and database backup services.


GDPR compliance

We are in compliance with Regulation 2016/679 – GDPR. In order to maintain the highest standard of quality and protection in the care of information, we also appointed an internal Data Protection Officer.


Complete rebranding

13 years after its establishment, the National Archives was completely rebranded. The process covered changing the logo, visual identity and communication style. The main goal was to shorten the distance with consumers and help companies recognize the added value that taking care of information would bring for the development of their business.


Additional archive facility

Допълнителна архивохранилища база
We have over 200 clients and over 2,000 system users, and over 35 team members take care of them. The area of the archive facilities has grown to over 5350 m2. We develop new services in the field of Data management & Data entry and continue to work to build added value for our customers through Market trends. Construction of a new base, compliant with all the specific requirements for the storage of documents that our profession imposes. Including internal construction, maintaining specific conditions in the facility and controlled access to and into the building. The new building meets the requirements for documents storage and archiving. It also has safe rooms for confidential, specific documentation and IT storage devices.


Awards and recognition

In 2021, the National Archives Corp received several important recognitions. The company was selected to participate in the "Dare to scale" growth and development program of the global network Endeavor and received the “Golden heart” award for the CSR campaign "Warm happy feet". During the same year, we started a Partnership program with consideration and care for our customers and with the mission to help more people discover the benefits that archiving brings for improving work with documents and information.
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